Internet domains Do You Really Own Them?

Internet Real Estate – Who owns what?
By Thom (mobear410) Dickey

How big is your kingdom online? Explore with me the many ways that you are growing an internet kingdom over which you are in control.

A web kingdom

For the most part I’ve observed that small businesses do not currently use the internet for even a small fraction of what they can because they usually don’t have the time to create a web kingdom. I once referred to being online as owning (leasing) a website but it is so much more which is why I refer to my domains & affiliate sites as my Web Kingdom.

Regions of the Kingdom

You might be wondering what makes up a web kingdom? Well you can start with the basic website then add social media type of accounts:

Google +

And many more.
Individual Kingdoms are formed

Now let’s say store owner Bob is approached by a web developer who wishes to build him a website. Some time ago that would have meant 4 – 10 pages, & a blog with maybe a forum but now that has changed. Not only does Bob need 4 – 10 good search engine optimized pages with the business information & products but it needs to be socially connected in order to reach the largest base of potential buyers. A set of list capturing pages needs to be set up with automated sets of emails being sent. Where to get people to sign up for your list totally depends on what services or products the business is offering.

Full impact

Most people don’t fully comprehend the major control over earning money on the internet & leasing web space then developing the space. You can own your own web space by putting a computer system on the internet directly but you run a super HIGH risk of someone hacking into it & totally ruining your system. That is where Hosting companies come in.

Lease without ever owning

They have dozens of hard drives and cloud based set up as nothing more than space to lease but never own. Domain names are associated with the IP address that every domain gets when it is purchased so what happened years ago is that in order for a novice type noobie could ‘lease’ a URL (ip address) the DNS (domain name server) was created. Now we associate names with the ip address assigned such as (not real)​.

Sub domains or sub kingdoms

Bob needs a website for 10 of his different products & services which once called for purchasing 10 different Keyword type of domain names but now it is possible to create 10 different Keyword type of domains without buying (leasing) every year 10 different domains at the lowest cost being $3 (this cost can vary from year to year and the site you purchase domain names) which works out to $30. Choosing the right set of keywords that forms a eye catching phrase such as “the works” or “” Examples:

There is a lot fewer top rated .COM websites available & the number is growing less & less. In some cases domain names have been labelled as ultra supreme which cost some major $ but there is a way around it & still actually be “leasing” the same Keyword rich domain name without the hefty price tag. What you can do is purchase domain names like or then use keywords as the subdomain name to put in front of your main

Large or small Kingdoms

By buying (leasing) 1 or 2 domains that add to your keyword domain name you really want you can not only create 1 or 2 websites but dozens depending on what your hosting service provides for you. Now that you’ve created all these sub domain sites when you link them all together along with tying them into the social media sites such as google +, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube you now have a rather small but ever growing Web owned (Leased) Kingdom.

It can be a lot of work to create a Web Kingdom but once it all gets tied together it can be awesome knowing how many different websites can be built on simple domain names saving you hundreds of dollars$ each year.

Leased not owned

I refer to the domain names I can use as being leased to me because if I truly owned my domain name I would not have to renew the lease on the date that depends on how many years you wish to pay for. Since the prices can change it can be a wise move to lease a domain for as many as 5 years. This accomplished a very important statement to people doing research on various sites. If you only lease your domain year by year this tells me that you may not renew your lease 1 year & the business is gone but if a domain is leased for 5 years then the chances of that business still being around is higher. Also the longer you lease a domain the more valuable that domain is simply because it is in the index.

This concludes my assessment of growing your internet kingdom.

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Today’s Rant

No matter how much I try to get things going for the foundation I keep dragging my feet. Once my foot is not hurting so bad I truly do plan on doing a lot more going outside. Now that it isn’t so cold outside my friend Passion is spending a great deal of time running around the yard. I really can’t complain much. My landlady cooks for me & she is a very good cook. I am investing in Bitcoin more than ever & buying silver as much as possible. Planning for the near future is a good thing to do. I am going to be inviting people to this site once I get it more secure. I am working on a couple of projects to help others. I sure hope it comes together real soon. Here is a picture of my friend Passion. She is 11 years old.

Kicking back on her favorite cat tree.

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What is Bitcoin

01 What is Bitcoin?


You need just 30 sec/hour to earn up to $200+ by playing a easy game/ just write 2 words. Can you not give 30 Seconds per hour ? Seriously you can earn huge in every hour.

1. Download this wallet to your hard drive download folder.
2. Go to the download folder and install this program. Go to this link to see how to install this program.
3. Once you have installed this program there should be a link on your desktop.
4. Open the program Multibit & go to the Getting Started link & read the instructions. Don’t rush through this process as the information you learn today will serve to earn you a great deal of bitcoin and you need somewhere safe & secure to keep your winnings. We will introduce you to other wallets & how to be really secure with a paper wallet. More on these subjects at a later time.
5. You need to create a password protected wallet.
6. Then you need to create at least 5 wallet addresses to use with the gambling sites to collect your bitcoin winnings. [Note in order to collect other types of crypto currency you will need a wallet & addresses for each of those but do not concern yourself with anything but the bitcoin for now]
7. Make a copy of the wallet addresses in your password account text file you created when you first started this process. [You did create a text file with all your valuable information … right?] If you have not done so you may end up needing to start this process all over again if you can not remember your password / pass phrases that you have used. This will come in very handy to just copy & paste the information like a wallet address into the forms that will be presented to you when you log in or visit the website list that will be provided for you.

If you love to gamble then I have a way for you to gamble to your hearts content & if you follow my advice you can get started with other people’s money. If you have friends that likes to gamble or play games then this could be just what they need because you can earn a percentage based on them playing games or gambling just by sharing a special link that is connected to your accounts.

This percentage does not come out of their winnings but is paid on top of their winnings or losses. Yes you get paid even if they lose. The best way is to get 3 people to join under you directly then help each of those 3 people to get 3 people signed up under each of them & get them to help each of those 3 people to get 3 each for them & keep teaching everyone to help others which will be helping themselves. Once you are earning money by playing games & gambling. Plus what they bring to you. Just remember to explain to each of the 3 directly below you that they need 3 & help each of them get 3 while teaching them how easy it is to get people.

Just 3 is what I base the minimum but you can get as many as you want and not get anyone below them but if you share the people that signs up under you then they may be more willing to keep the links back to you growing & get you to the point that instead of just 3 – 10 cents at a time you will be bringing in $5 or more per hour & that can add up really fast. Then you can branch out & set up wallets that feeds off of other crypto currencies that are easier to get large amounts in order to trade in for whatever world currency that suits your fancy & not just the American dollar.

I will show you how to do some really big time gambling that will increase your income so you can gamble & play games from anywhere & be earning money (cryptocurrency) even when you are not playing games or gambling.

The only limit you will have is how much you want to share & get everyone else to share the information. I will be offering a news event notice in which I will keep you informed of developing news. You will see faucet lists that number in the hundreds. I will be testing at least 5 of these links every month & give you the links that pay the most & can be visited often.

Many of the new faucets that pay 5 min, 20 min, 30 min has a buzzer to let you know when you can turn on that faucet. Using the pin the link you can put those sites aside while you write emails, read emails and anything else you might wish to do then when the alarm(s) goes off you collect your coin then return to whatever it is that you wish to do. Simple to set tabs with web addresses pinned by right mouse clicking on the tab you wish to pin the choose pin the tab. It takes up less space & is not in your way.

The first thing you need to do is to create a wallet with addresses to receive your winnings. It is not hard. I highly recommend that you create a folder on your desktop titled Online Winnings or My Gambling or anything that make sense to you. I use notepad++ which is a free

1. Create a wallet from here
2. Click “Create New Wallet” button.
3. Fill in email, password and all that is required in the form (password must be 10 character long). Be sure to make note of the identifier.
4. Be sure to copy all this information into your text file that you will need at a later time. Make the password a passphrase that is 3 or 4 random words separated by a space & be sure to include a couple of numbers either with the words or by themselves.
5. Once you have a wallet you will need to create at least 3 wallet addresses.

You will use those wallet addresses on different faucet sites so that the wallet addresses are less likely to be intercepted by some jerk feeding of other people like a blood leech.

Once you have become comfortable with using your online wallets to transfer the bits of coin you gather to your wallet on your computer locally we will learn how to save the large sums of coin you gather using what is called a paper wallet address that can only be opened by you or the person that has all the pieces of information it would take to get to that money. Of course if the information is lost by fire, rain or other events unless you make a duplicate of the information the coin no matter how much will be lost forever or until someone cracks whatever codes you set up & it can be quite a lot of information but then you can be your own banker & very few or none at all will know how much you really have tucked away.

Remember Bitcoin is only the first crypto currency but is not the only one that can be gathered & used. Some of the lesser talked about coin can be traded in for bitcoin or other coin in order to purchase something that coin can purchase. As far as I know when writing this (May 2015) all crypto currency coin worth its amount is not easily traceable because transactions often never need a 3rd party like a bank, wire transfer, paypal or many other forms of transferring funds to someone else. Crypto currency has no country set as its Central Banker so the coin can be used in any country accepting crypto currencies.

Dogecoin & litecoin is 2 of the top crypto currencies that is easily gained by faucets, playing games, buying them straight out or doing what is called mining for the coin. I will cover these 2 coin in another email (article).

“You Must have some bitcoin to gamble with”
If you dont know about this game, checkout this video:

Play Hi / Lo Dice Game Primedice

Moonbitcoin ref. link:
Freebitcoin ref. link:
Freedogecoin ref. link:
Bitcoin2048 ref. link:
777 Bitcoin ref. link:
BitOnPlay ref. link:

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Ample Green Foundation Mission Statement

ample green foundation logo

Ample Green Foundation Mission Statement: Bringing New Support to the Community.

The following is the Mission Statement for Ample Green Foundation.

Updates will be coming as the foundation bylaws and other documents are formed.

  1. We pledge to put all our effort into creating a foundation that can support itself through the income generated by the affiliate programs that is assigned to Ample Green Foundation.
  2. We pledge that only the money needed to run the foundation will be used.
  3. We pledge to help other non profit agencies to be able to not only bring back some of their closed programs but be able to offer new & better ones
  4. We pledge to help Veterans be they disabled or just a Vet needing a helping hand.
  5. We pledge to help in ways that we have not even thought of yet.

These are just the beginnings of the foundation mission-statement pledges. To help support our goals & efforts please when you shop online with one of the websites use our affiliate link so that the foundation receives support. We are not looking for direct donations.

A report of what we earn through our affiliate links will be posted. This will be done so that everyone will see what we are spending the money on. And who is benefiting from the income. We will be  accepting suggestions for the organizations or community projects that could use our help.

Community support will be our #1 goal to begin with. Through the local established charities the foundation is dedicated to bringing them back to life.

Lend the foundation your support by sending feedback through our contact form. If you have an idea of how the foundation can bring support to the community then please write to us. Click Here Our mission-statement is built around being independent and self supporting so that the foundation will be able to support the many different non-profit organizations in and around the local community.

My personal commitment to seeing the foundation established before I leave this world is of high importance to me…. Thom Dickey, Disabled (Able) Vietnam vet.

I served with the finest Fighter Squadron (VF-142 Ghostriders) that did 4 tours of which I am proud to say that I served with the last tour. It was a tough time for all of us as we fought to leave the country and support those we fought so hard to free.

The Foundation will be going to ask for volunteers for our board of directors chairs. It has not been decided just how many chairs will be made available so stay tuned.

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Logo of Ample Green Foundation
Ample Green Foundation

Day 2 of putting this site back together. I have added a suggestion form & our first draft of the mission statement. We plan more changes today as long as the computer & internet stands the stress I tend to put on it. I run a lot of windows and bounce around doing different tasks so sometimes I over do it and it all comes crashing down like a house of cards. LoL

I am having fun and for me that is the main goal. I don’t want to get too stressed out about it so I am just taking it a little at a time.


Thom Dickey C.E.O. & Founder

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Dollar Shave Club

Well I am here to tell you about the experience I have had with the Dollar Shave Club.  Not only did they send me another order since the last one went to my previous address but they are doing it for free.

They even supplied a razor handle since mine got lost in the rushed move I had to make. I’ve got to say they went above & beyond my expectations.

The Razor
The great part about this is that the razor is an excellent product and worth every penny that they charge.  These razors stay sharp and usable for more than just 1 good shave like the bargain brands that I have been buying.  I shave without shaving gel or anything. It is sometimes referred to as field shaving.  This can dull the blades really fast.


I do take the main amount of whiskers that grow on my face off with an electric razor but it leaves behind way too much so I follow up with a shave with a razor.  I found that the razors that I get from the Dollar Shave Club last for about 2 almost 3 months and is far less than what I spent on cheap razors that sometimes is not even good enough to last a 1 time shave.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the razors I receive from the Dollar Shave Club and highly recommend them to all my friends that is looking for that close shave that used to be such a pain to accomplished unless we went to the barber shop to get a shave.


The quality & workmanship that goes into the making of the razor is totally outstanding.  Not only that but they offer shaving gel that is super great as well.  I tried it a couple of times & it sure seem to work better than any other gel or shaving cream I’ve tried before.  Of course I prefer a dry shave.

I even gave my lady friend and care giver 1 of the razors plus the gel to use on her legs.  I will ask her how she liked the razor & the gel. I fully expect her to tell me she is totally impressed.


The representative from the Dollar Shave Club was very courteous and helpful. He made me feel like I was his top priority and the company should give him a raise for being such a top sales man.  I must confess I had previously started using a competitor’s product & was torn as to which one I would drop.  He made me feel good about myself & the relationship I have with the company.


I wrote to the competitor & asked them about getting a shave handle but they didn’t even respond to my question let alone offer to send it to me for free. Their customer service is no where near as great as the Dollar Shave Club.

They both cost about the same but customer relationship should always be a sales person’s top priority.  He has made sure that I am going to give them my business and totally recommend that anyone that is looking for that great close shave should give them a try.

The Link

I will provide a link to their website and look forward to hearing from those that gives the Dollar Shave Club a try what they think of the razor & other products plus the great customer service that is sure to take the company a long way.

Thank you Dollar Shave Club for making my day a little better every time I shave.

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