Freebie list one

Sourceforge: A large and growing database of various programs.  As far as I have experienced Sourceforge does check the files for spyware, malware and viruses but you should always do your own checking.

Freewarefiles: Just as the name implies this list is of Free Ware files which free as long as you wish to use the software and the author hope that you like the software enough to donate to support the software and the Foundation encourages you to do so when you can.

Freeware-Guide:  This site is also a clean Freeware type of site.


Most users that is online has heard of “torrent” so below I have listed a couple of clean sites [to the best of our knowledge] that you can use to get torrents.



books by  

One last site that I want to mention is CryptoTabBrowser  which when downloaded installed and configured you can earn bitcoin while you surf the internet so it is like getting paid to surf or whatever you might do while on the internet. It does not cost you anything and just by myself with no referral in 3 months I have nearly $2 but one everyone who reads this post and downloads this super browser this amount will increase

This all I am going to publish today and the income generated by the affiliate links or other products goes to the starting up and maintaining the nonprofit Foundation. All income will be reported here on this site to board members, and founders but not to the public at large. The main site is for invited members only for now. I pray that all is going well for you .

Mobear420  Thom Dickey 11/17/18 1:25 PM


I recently was informed that I have 2 types of cancer. This is what has been c

Hi there,
I recently found out that I have 2 types of cancers growing in my body and attempting to kill me painfully by not allowing me to have bowel movements or be able to pee without a great deal of difficulty and pain. I am of course taking actions to render the cancer gone. I am not asking for nor expecting sympathy but if you believe in prayer then do that for me.
I am actually having a better day again and got some things accomplished. I would highly recommend that you look into getting and using a program/app/service called Evernote. For those who are in contact with me or will in the future this is going to be my way of getting tasks done with those who end up being a part of my network.
Except for the 2 weeks in the hospital in order to get fixed up in a way that helps me function not much has been happening but I am attempting to change all that. Keep an eye on your email as I will send you invites to see the changes and become part of what I plan on some exciting changes.

help with medical

Here is a short list of 23 links that will get you started with finding medical help by helping to pay your bills.
There is even on that has a list of 35 assistance programs. I wish you the best of luck as my medical bill is starting to rise with having to fight with 2 cancers that are fighting to kill me very painfully and wouldn’t you know it is 2 of the worse. Anal and Colon cancer. I was wrong about what was causing the trouble and spent nearly 3 weeks in the hospital trying to get out of pain. Good Luck

My business proposal

Hi there,

I have not been here at my site very often.  Between being sick or in some serious pain I don’t get as much done as I would like.

So here’s my offer.  I need some work done placing email ads on up to 5 free safelist. I will pay $5 for every 5 safelist that my ads is placed. Once these ads starts generating income I will then start paying for the specials that the safelist run that allows a larger amount of ads more often and have no problem with allowing you to put your ads in these safelist as a part of the pay. So what I am offering is for the right people to place these ads, get paid and then pay for your ads as well that way you earn even more.

Option number 2 – I signed up with a super fast and rather easy way to set up sales funnels and this place offers a 2 week trial for $47 then it cost a whopping $97 / month and they have a lot more features which of course cost a great deal more however if you are tired of fighting at getting your sales funnel set up or paying for space for them to be done then I think I have just the offer for the right person since at this time I can only afford to do this with 1 person. I have now paid the first $97 which means I now have $144 invested but that is not all I also purchase a set of hard-copy book as well as eBooks that totally will train you in the process that ClickFunnels is offering.

Not only all this which comes to a total of a whopping $201 invested in ClickFunnels. If I can find the right person I will give them access to my account where that person should be able to learn how to create some really decent clickfunnel ads and together we will then place them in the public eye so that they begin to earn some great income.

What I am willing to allow is for the right person to then also create some funnels for the projects that the person now working with me and the foundation as an independent advertising agent creating say 5 clickfunnels for me and for the foundation and then allow the person to create 5 of their 0wn clickfunnels to use the information that is taught within ClickFunnels to be able to earn using this fantastic site without needing to pay out for it.

Now once this person starts earning a nice income from the sale ClickFunnels if they wish to strike out on their own and start paying the membership fee so that they can either continue to create even more ClickFunnels or to then find someone else that is currently struggling and certainly can not afford the initial $144 investment but to let the sales ClickFunnels experts train the person in exchange for half a month of ClickFunnels for you and the other half for themselves then I would totally encourage this process.

As a bonus to all of this I will then include a very large amount of online storage space within the Foundations’ Box account. Now I am not offering just 500 mb or even 10,000 MB but a whopping 500,000 MB of storage space plus access to dozens of ebooks and videos on a huge amount of various topics.

Some of which is PPL and MPP which means you will be allowed to download these files and use them in accordance to the license that is associate with the file. I will share with you the resource of where I get these files.

On top of all of the above I will be running simple scratch off games and other ways to collect bitcoin, potcoin, and many other alt coins that will be increasing in value and links to the top news of the world of cryptocurrency. This is a hot topic. There is more than one method that I will share that you can collect these valuable cryptocurrency coins in the background while you use your device whatever it may be.

PLUS I will be doing so many more ways to help earn income. So if you are intereted send me a text message that you wish to have a video chat with me so that you can then see that I am not just making offers and not going to come through. We can talk face to face and measure each other as to if you feel that you can trust me and me trust you. My text number is 541-639-4543. It is my business phone number but I prefer a text before a phone call.

Thank you for taking the time to read this what I hope will be a golden opportunity for everyone who wishes to come join my team.

Thom Dickey aka mobear410 and mobear420