Freebie list one

Sourceforge: A large and growing database of various programs.  As far as I have experienced Sourceforge does check the files for spyware, malware and viruses but you should always do your own checking.

Freewarefiles: Just as the name implies this list is of Free Ware files which free as long as you wish to use the software and the author hope that you like the software enough to donate to support the software and the Foundation encourages you to do so when you can.

Freeware-Guide:  This site is also a clean Freeware type of site.


Most users that is online has heard of “torrent” so below I have listed a couple of clean sites [to the best of our knowledge] that you can use to get torrents.



books by  

One last site that I want to mention is CryptoTabBrowser  which when downloaded installed and configured you can earn bitcoin while you surf the internet so it is like getting paid to surf or whatever you might do while on the internet. It does not cost you anything and just by myself with no referral in 3 months I have nearly $2 but one everyone who reads this post and downloads this super browser this amount will increase

This all I am going to publish today and the income generated by the affiliate links or other products goes to the starting up and maintaining the nonprofit Foundation. All income will be reported here on this site to board members, and founders but not to the public at large. The main site is for invited members only for now. I pray that all is going well for you .

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