I recently was informed that I have 2 types of cancer. This is what has been c

Hi there,
I recently found out that I have 2 types of cancers growing in my body and attempting to kill me painfully by not allowing me to have bowel movements or be able to pee without a great deal of difficulty and pain. I am of course taking actions to render the cancer gone. I am not asking for nor expecting sympathy but if you believe in prayer then do that for me.
I am actually having a better day again and got some things accomplished. I would highly recommend that you look into getting and using a program/app/service called Evernote. For those who are in contact with me or will in the future this is going to be my way of getting tasks done with those who end up being a part of my network.
Except for the 2 weeks in the hospital in order to get fixed up in a way that helps me function not much has been happening but I am attempting to change all that. Keep an eye on your email as I will send you invites to see the changes and become part of what I plan on some exciting changes.